Share it Forward!™

Charitable Sharing vs Giving is the new Philanthropy a true win-win for both Donor and Nonprofit.

Charity Sharing... the new Philanthropy

Charitable Profit Arrangement is an innovative social fundraising tool serving the nonprofit, donor and fiduciary communities. We facilitate fundraising for nonprofits with a program that allows donors to share a percentage of the gains from their investment accounts with their favorite charity while still receiving a tax deduction on the portion they share. Donors always retain control of their principal and for the first time ever donors can support their desired nonprofits without having to come out of pocket.

About Us

Based on the premise of sharing, Charitable Profit Arrangement was founded in 2008 to help nonprofits grow during the poor economic climate. Charitable Profit Arrangement has developed a proprietary program designed to help nonprofits realize sustainable cash flow at no out of pocket expense to the donor.

Benefits of Sharing

Nonprofits, donors and fiduciaries are welcome to contact us at any time to learn our innovative method of fundraising that will be essential to the philanthropic community from here forward.

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