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The Charitable Sharing Account program is a way for donors to give to nonprofits without losing their principal donation. Donors can share future portfolio investment returns with any nonprofit in one simple step. Using Sharing Accounts makes sure the donor always keeps their principal, overcoming nonprofits number one donor objection of having no accessible funds on hand. The donor is always in charge of the amount they want to share and the contribution is automatically sent to the nonprofit; with a detailed statement sent to the donor. By sharing in this way donors provide sustainable cash-flow for nonprofits and obtain a larger tax write-off for the contribution.

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Sharing Accounts is a brilliant program to help nonprofits and donors better help their causes. This is an innovative tool for fundraising, not just the same old thing.

Krista Johnson, lives in Los Angeles and has over 30 years working in the nonprofit sector in technology, training, capacity building, evaluation, fundraising, and marketing.

Charitable Profit Arrangement is endorsed by Nick Lowery, NFL hall of fame nominee who played for the Kansas City Chiefs. Nick is a Harvard Kennedy School MPA recipient, is the Winner of the Ten Outstanding Young Americans (TOYA) Award and recipient of the honored Byron Whizzer White Award.

Nick Lowery, San Diego, CA

This current economy challenges our abilities to solve problems in the crucial social and educational fabric of this country. Charitable Profit Arrangement will add muscle to the nation's atrophied giving culture through this new sharing paradigm. Charitable Profit Arrangement will be a true and healthy performance enhancer to the nation's heart muscle.

R. Reed, San Diego, CA

As a donor, I have enjoyed the simple process of opening a Charitable Sharing Account, sharing with my favorite charity is better than giving out of pocket.

D. Hosford, Phoenix, AZ

My wife and I set up a Charitable Sharing Account to help my church and I'm very pleased. I don't have to worry about coming out of pocket, the payments are automatic and I get to keep my principal.

R. Reed, San Diego, CA

Financial service firms benefit from Charitable Sharing Accounts by attracting new assets to the firm by satisfying the philanthropic wishes of their new and existing clients. Our partner firm's image is greatly enhanced by encouraging clients to support nonprofits while minimizing the chance of clients transferring assets to a competitor. Charitable Sharing Accounts is an important solution to financial firm's client retention problem. Charitable Sharing Account will allow financial firms a new market segment, the increase and retention of assets and fosters goodwill in the community.

Second Look Financial, LLC.

As a wealth management firm that assists nonprofit organizations, the value of Sharing Accounts to philanthropy will be a game changer for donors and nonprofits.

Lee Tripodi ‐ Laurel Wealth Management ‐ La Jolla, CA

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Based on the premise of sharing, Charitable Profit Arrangement was founded in 2008 to help nonprofits grow during the poor economic climate. Charitable Profit Arrangement has developed a proprietary program designed to help nonprofits realize sustainable cash flow at no out of pocket expense to the donor.

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Nonprofits, donors and fiduciaries are welcome to contact us at any time to learn our innovative method of fundraising that will be essential to the philanthropic community from here forward.

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